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A Concept of Operations (CONOPS) is developed when an organization must change how it operates to meet its goals. The organization must decide what configuration of staff, organizational structure, business processes, and technology must be implemented to meet the goals of the organization.

The CONOPS is a document that records the decisions made regarding this configuration of organizational assets. The CONOPS serves as a communications mechanism to exchange information among stakeholders. The Concept of Operations addresses how an organization must change. Typically, the topics addressed by a CONOPS include the following:

  • Vision of the organization,
  • Goals of the organization,
  • Transformation Roadmap describes the approach or strategy for organization to achieve their goals,
  • Operational View of the organization. This set of views describe the activities performed, information exchanged, resources utilized, and business rules employed to conduct operations. The Operational View addresses both current and future operations.
  • High Level Systems View of the organization. This set of graphical and textual descriptions lists the system resources employed and provides a high-level indication of their connectivity or relationship. Like the Operational View, there are both current and future high level systems views.  


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