IPS History

Avanco International, Inc. was founded by Mr. Arthur F. Van Cook, a World War II and D-Day veteran who was the former Chairman of the National Disclosure Policy Committee. Mr. Van Cook’s primary area of expertise focused on defense policy and national security analysis and study.

Mr. Van Cook assembled a team of experts in the field of Security and International Policy and developed a niche market for the company. Due primarily to the Avanco’s demonstrated expertise in Department of Defense (DoD) consulting, the company has enjoyed an outstanding reputation beginning with over ten years participation in the unique foreign disclosure program of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Program. This program was unique because it sought a balance between the need for foreign access to U.S. SDI-related information and a disclosure policy that permits such access only to the extent necessary to meet operational requirements consistent with U.S. interests. Avanco’s success provided the company with a national stature in the area of National Security Policy and Foreign Disclosure issues.

Avanco has continued this tradition by maintaining an outstanding staff of Senior International Security Analysts with broad DoD Policy analysis and experience who are recognized leaders in the DoD community.

  • Mr. Paul Lapham is a former member of the OSD International Security staff with more than 35 years security experience, including 15 years of experience in international security and technology transfer issues. As a DoD civilian employee, he also held positions with the Defense Security Service, the Navy, and the Air Force.
  • Mr. Steve Boyce has over 40 years of professional experience in national and international security activities, including 28 years as a U.S. Air Force officer.  He has over 10 years senior leadership experience in U.S. export controls, technology security and National Disclosure Policy for the Department of Defense.

Together the Avanco team provides continuous support to and understanding of the issues pertaining to the National Disclosure Policy, National Security Policy Act, the Arms Export Control Act, and the Export Administration Act. The Avanco teams also includes additional International Security Analysts and Consultants with expertise in the areas of the Department of State, Defense Security Service, Department of Defense Logistics, and Industry.