"International Programs Security is key to protecting our National Security and our warfighters."

International Programs

International programs with allied and other friendly countries continue to be an increasingly important part of U.S. national security and defense acquisition strategy in the post-Cold War era. These programs flow from U.S. efforts during the late 1940s and early 1950s to support Western Europe and create a strong defensive alliance. In the early years, this support was largely in the form of grants of surplus military equipment. As the stockpile of surplus equipment decreased, the emphasis shifted to sales of military equipment and the furnishing of technical assistance. A principal purpose of these programs was to ensure a high degree of equipment standardization within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and to build a European defense industrial base.

As international cooperation becomes more and more a fact of our everyday life, providing high-quality security for sensitive information and technologies involved in these programs will be a real and growing challenge. Security management of international programs is not easy. The issues involved are often difficult and subtle. The potential consequences for our national security are significant, and the laws and policy documents, which set the requirements we must meet, are many and complex. It is vital that every DoD employee involved in international programs understands these arrangements, and the laws, policies, and procedures that govern foreign involvement in these programs and is fully trained in the appropriate security requirements.

Avanco International, Inc. was founded on the basis of International Programs Security and has been supporting this community since 1982. Part of what Avanco provides is instruction, training, and support on how to secure and protect US technologies when working in an international environment. Individuals who need to understand program security or individuals responsible for an organization involved in program security can locate opportunities for training, access resources, and understand your critical position in the International Program Security landscape within the Avanco website.