What are the Courses About? The education courses are designed to improve the understanding of U.S. laws, policies, bilateral and multilateral agreements (including NATO), regulations governing the participation of foreign governments and corporations in U.S. Government and commercial programs involving access to classified and export-controlled unclassified data. Graduates of the course will be equipped with the knowledge to effectively implement the security aspects of those policies, laws, and regulations. The primary source for this training is a three-day course of instruction.

Who Should Take the Courses? All DoD personnel responsible for negotiating, overseeing, managing, executing or otherwise participating in international activities. Examples of applicable international activities include cooperative research, development and production, foreign disclosure, export licensing, program management, international visits and personnel exchanges, foreign military sales, industrial security, systems acquisition, foreign contracting, and program protection. Moreover, attendance by defense contractor representatives similarly involved in international commercial or government programs will facilitate compliance with U.S. Government laws, policies, and regulations.

International Program Security Oriented Courses: Avanco has developed a number of International Program Security oriented courses and overviews to support the Military, Government and Industrial communities. A description of the current Avanco offerings available is provided below with informational links to program schedules and registration processes.

IPSR Course (3 Day)


Sponsor: Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (USD (Policy))

This three-day course is an updated course that has been implemented in 2006.  It is based on the five-day course that had been in existence since 1994, when it was taught at the Department of Defense Security Institute (DoDSI) in Richmond, VA. The offerings of this course are taught by Avanco for the CoS for the OUSD (Policy), with instructor support, registration and administration of the course provided by Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Institute of Security Cooperation Studies (ISCS).

Course Description: The IPSR Course is a three (3) day course designed to educate attendees in the basic statutes, international agreements, national and DoD policies, and principles that are the basis for information sharing and technology control requirements in international programs. Attendees are taught principles and procedures that can be applied to facilitate foreign disclosure and export decisions, as well as the security requirements that are necessary for the secure transfer of classified and controlled unclassified information and material to foreign governments and international organizations. The course reviews the role of U.S. Government agencies (to include the Defense Security Service) in security arrangements for government and commercial programs and their role in export security requirements. Subjects covered include the arms licensing process and preparation of security support documents, such as the Program Protection Plan, The Technology Assessment/Control Plan, The Delegation of Disclosure Letter, The Program Security Instruction, and the Technology Control Plan. Also, the use of Multinational Industrial Security Working Group (MISWG) documents in preparing program security procedures is covered. The course culminates in a group practical exercise where participants are challenged to apply what they have learned during the course.  The course satisfies the mandatory training requirement set forth in DoD Directive 5230.20 dated 22 June 2005.

Target Audience: The course is designed for U.S. Government personnel, DoD support contractors, and Defense Industry employees who participate in international programs involving the exchange of classified and controlled unclassified information.  The course covers work that is applicable to RDT&E programs, systems acquisition programs, operational situations, foreign disclosure, information and industrial security, export/import licensing requirements for commercial sales, and security assistance program requirements.

Schedules and Registration: This course is conducted by Avanco International Instructors and is administered by the DSCA ISCS. All courses offered under the current schedule are provided through the DSCA ISCS web site to include course time, location, and registration activities. For your convenience, we have provided the current schedule below.  If you are interested in attending the IPSR Course, please use the link provided below to transfer to the DSCA ISCS web site.

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