"Let Avanco work with you to develop a Data Management solution that maintains and maximize the use of your organizations critical data."

Data Integration

A successful information management strategy is one that enables an organization to obtain greater insight into business activity by integrating business data and information technology applications across the enterprise.

Avanco’s data integration solutions provide a framework for integrating data from a variety of channels including legacy applications, operational systems, data warehouses or data marts, external sources, and web applications. Avanco works with clients to identify the structures, processes, and tools necessary to make disparate application systems work together to deliver accurate, consistent, and reliable information to the appropriate audience where it can be used for timely analysis and decision-making.

Avanco's Data Integration capabilities include expertise in:

  • Extract, transform, and load (ETL)
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise information integration (EII)
  • Data and Process Modeling
  • Web services
  • Database management
  • Meta data management
  • Business rules engines
  • Data quality analysis.

A data integration solution from Avanco empowers our clients to:

  • Integrate customer data across channels for a single view of the enterprise
  • Develop sophisticated customer-centric marketing campaign and management initiatives
  • Accommodate rapidly changing business rules and integration requirements.

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