"Let Avanco work with you to develop a Data Management solution that maintains and maximize the use of your organizations critical data."

Data Warehousing

Avanco is an acknowledged leader in the complex field of Data Warehousing. Computer industry leaders such as Oracle Corporation and Cognos Corporation prize our skills in Warehouse design and Build Methodologies. To date, there has been a strong focus from Oracle and Cognos to refer prospective Data Warehousing customers to Avanco because of our proven proficiency to meet and exceed customers’ expectations for this type of solution. Avanco has been listed as one of Oracle's Strategic BI Tools Partners in Oracle Magazine. Especially strong is our ability to communicate and understand our clients’ requirements and expectations. We offer suggestions to foster rapid implementations once the project is underway.

Strong relationship-building and communication skills are essential for successfully building data warehouses and data marts. Data Warehousing solutions are unique to every client because data and analysis of that data is dependent upon the client’s specific data resources. All Transactional day to day operational systems are unique and require a degree of customization for each Data Warehouse/Data Mart effort to ensure that the resulting Decision Support environment accurately reflects the business and the business rules inherent to the corporation or organization. 

Avanco has built many diverse Data Warehouse solutions including electronic component distribution, quarry and stone product manufacturing, accounting and financial, Medical, and casualty, State and Local government, and health Insurance systems. We understand, having successfully implemented many Data Warehouses, that the DW build process requires an understanding of the reporting needs of the organization, understanding of the organization’s data assets, understanding and adherence to a database design and development methodology and structure, and organization of information that fits the enterprise business model and requirements. If the design is correct, if data is standardized, scrubbed and loaded accurately, if metadata is defined properly, the Data Warehouse will be implemented well and be a success. Software tools, hardware, and database management systems, while critical to the process, are not the only critical components in the success of a Data Warehouse. Data Warehouses are architectures comprised of hardware, data, tools, and networks built on a solid design foundation. Our belief is that the Data Warehouse build experience is a very unique capability that is much more keyed into data and design and a solid hardware and software architecture. Industry specific knowledge is important but design, methodology, and practical experience in many industries is more important.

Avanco places a strong emphasis on the data acquisition process which encompasses sourcing, cleansing, transforming, and aggregating data using parallel technology tools to build industrial-strength ETL processes that accommodate high data volumes from disparate sources. Avanco identifies the best sources for data elements, reconstructing data when required, and deploying the most appropriate tools to retrieve data from primary sources. Through the cleansing process, Avanco enhances data quality by ensuring data accuracy, type, and consistency, as well as eliminating duplicate records.

A data warehousing solution from Avanco brings together data from multiple sources providing leaders and decision makers greater insight into the enterprise. Avanco offers more than a decade of experience developing high-performance data warehouse solutions for some of the world's largest organizations, implementing sophisticated, low-latency solutions that transmit massive volumes of highly complex data to large audiences of end-users. Avanco’s expertise with state-of-the-art tools ensures a durable, robust data warehousing solution with a low cost of ownership. Contact Avanco today to receive a free Organizational and technology assessment and see how Data Warehousing can improve how you do business.

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