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Enterprise Information Management

In the business world, companies realize that information is indeed a corporate asset that can be used for competitive advantage.Increasingly, the use of corporate Intranets has allowed companies the mechanism to focus on consolidating and sharing internal information. The problem is that when there is so much information available, it is often difficult to find and cull out what is needed for any particular business requirement.Avanco specializes in implementing web based information management Portals that allow corporate users to access data from throughout the enterprise. These applications may include decision support, data mining and analytic tools, applications that optimize supply chain, campaign management, Logistics Operations, Finance, billing, and industry-specific processes. Avanco ensures that near and long-term reporting and access requirements are met through the deployment of fixed-frequency static reports, ad-hoc reports, dynamic, multidimensional queries, Internet/intranet Portals, and data mining.

The mechanism for delivering Enterprise Information is the Web Portal. Portals are windows into the world of the Internet (such as Lycos or Yahoo!)that allow focused direction for searches or queries that are made using a standard web browser.Corporate Enterprise Portals allow specific categories of users to make role-based searches for information inside and outside the organization and to quickly obtain that information in order to facilitate quick accurate decision making.

A single portal can be set up to query the same database but provide one view for accounting, another look at the same data for HR, and yet another view into the same database for sales and marketing or inventory management personnel. Using the standard Web Browser user interface in conjunction with role based security, end users can tap into data specific to their job function and gain focused knowledge about a competitor (management), a customer (sales), a specific project snapshot (project manager), or a general ledger account (accountant) depending upon the role they have within the organization.As an Internet technology, the information offered can be from both inside and outside the organization and can tap into legacy applications and powerful data mining, workflow, and Ad Hoc query and charting tools from a single source point on a corporate Intranet.

Web Portals offer an incredibly powerful Knowledge Management (KM) component for any organization. Ask today for a free evaluation of how an Avanco Web Portal application can support your Enterprise Information management goals.

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